Biomechanical concepts can be hard to get across. Your target audience craves tactile and three-dimensional objects. Computers and printed graphics just don't get the job done alone. Nothing communicates like holding it in your hands.


We create solutions that enable your company to actively engage orthopaedic surgeons through their sense of touch. Whether at a tradeshow or in their offices, nothing imparts understanding as effectively and affordably as replicated bones, soft tissue and implantable devices. Whether your sales professionals are showing your latest instruments and implants or you are helping health care providers with tools to educate their patients, BoneModels+ delivers Education through Replication.


BoneModels+ is the leading supplier of orthopaedic models for use as sales tools and patient education aids. The industry's leading companies look to us for their presentation needs. We help you create unique tools through many years of experience dealing directly with orthopaedic surgeons, nurses and hospital staff. Our business development team understands your needs and would love to help you.